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Issue #1

It should be removed or added as related
Alex Schneider
These are links to the different parts (pages, basically) of the same article, each part on its own URL. They are essential for the reader to see that there are multiple pages and navigate between them. I've considered a few ways of dealing with them.

- Inline the parts using iframes and @inline
Not only does this seem unnecessarily difficult, but also silly. Since each part has its own URL, after inlining them, IVs for all the parts would be identical. Users would share a link to a certain part and then get an IV for the whole article.

- Format them as related links
This is how it was made in the previous version of my template, but then I realized there are a couple of issues with this, too.
1. I'm not sure how related links are displayed by IVs, but I think it won't be clear to the reader which link leads to which part.
2. Some of the parts may contain unsupported content preventing the IV to be generated. According to a note in Checklist, "If pages have no IV, they will not be displayed.". It means th
Declined by admin
This seems to be a reasonable way to handle the source page's pagination.

Since the article is split into 2 pages, the contents of the pages must be accessible in the IV. They cannot be simply removed.

Also, converting these links into <related> blocks is not necessarily a good idea, because if a related link doesn't generate an IV link, the link won't show at all. Plus, <related> links show up as similar to link previews (name of article, desc, image preview), which can be quite different than how pagination looks. This can become confusing to a reader.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Feb 11, 2019