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Issue #2

this type of articles splitted into multiple parts can be inlined properly.
check this issue
Alex Schneider
These are parts (pages, basically) of the same article, each on its own URL. The links are static. I've considered a few ways of dealing with them.

- Inline
Since each part has its own URL, after inlining them, IVs for all the parts would be identical. Imagine a user who wants to share a video on the 5th part and gets an IV for the whole article. This is just weird and unexpected.

- Format as <related>
1. I'm not sure how related links are displayed by IVs, but I think it won't be clear to the reader which link leads to which part.
2. Some of the parts may contain unsupported content preventing the IV to be generated. In such a case no link will be shown to that part.

- Keep them in the body
This way the experience for the reader will be identical in IV and on the actual website. I decided to do it this way and add clear captions ("Daftar Isi" means "Table of Contents", "Bagian" means "Part").
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 13, 2019