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Issue #1

This element is not visible in the source and should be removed
Andrew A.
Well, I pretty much believe this is a non-critical one-off case. This article has untypical content, there is a non-zero chance to meet some weird element in such places which you can't handle unless you make an ad-hoc fix.
Accepted by admin
All content with style "hidden;" should be removed
Andrew A.
> All content with style "hidden;" should be removed
Hey, it's "overflow: hidden;", not "visibility: hidden;"! There is no way to detect by the styles that this element is hidden. It's obviously an one-off element (id="mcePasteBin" — some artifact of the TinyMCE editor) found only on this page. I can't predict what rubbish elements there are on any other page on this site, there are tens of thousands of them.
Declined by admin
Yes, you're right. My bad
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Feb 26, 2019