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Issue #1

The fact that he stands aside does not mean that you should make him <aside>
This tag is for pull quotes, not for big text.
Part 1.
1."In graphic design, a pull quote is a key phrase, quotation, or excerpt that has been pulled from an article and used as a page layout graphic element, serving to entice readers into the article or to highlight a key topic." -Wikipedia
It seems to me exactly the same as the description. 2.Also the text in aside, as well as in the original, has gravity in the center. And I think it looks better than your version.
Accepted by admin
The block should be visually separated from the main text, but it's not a pullquote
I disagree. I made this pullquote block specifically, as it comes closest to the original site design. IV does not provide many tools for layout. And many blocks can be applied not quite as intended (although the function of the aside tag is the text separated from the main one, which corresponds to the text I have selected). No version is truly correct, since in IV there is no tag for defining text with gravity in the center and with a red frame, but the aside tag is closest to it. Especially if I select this block as my opponent, it will be indistinguishable from the block that is on this page: neskolko-raz.html. This may confuse the reader. I cannot select it as a table either, since it will be identical to this: Therefore, aside in my opinion is the only reasonable choice.
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 22, 2019