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Issue #2

This image refers only to this paragraph. The image illustrates what is written in the paragraph. You use it as a cover, it is clearly not suitable for the cover.

6.2.2 Cover images
The cover must not be set if:
The chosen image is clearly inappropriate for the cover.
This is a feature, not a bug. Images source is articles/lead:

It is obligatory to use a cover image:
If the image is present on the page and described in the source as “featured-img”, “cover”, “lead_img”, “main_image”, etc.

And it's not lead by mistake. It's like the whole article in one image, absolutely not just one paragraph. The article is analyzing the current political party support, exactly what the image is showing. The title says "The overtime law affected the partys support", and the cover shows immediately how it affected. I'm from Hungary, where the page belongs to, and trust me, it's much better this way than if it wouldn't be set to cover.

There aren't a lot of pages with images in the body with such lead source, another example I know is: - it's also better with the image set to cover, for the same reasons.
Accepted by admin
“featured-img”, “cover”, “lead_img”, “main_image” should be a class or an id of the image, not the src.

The cover must not be set if the chosen image appears several paragraphs deep into the article
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 24, 2019