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Issue #4

This image link will be lost

Why? Checklist 6.3.2, Note 2 (
"The IV engine automatically checks whether articles in the <related> block have an IV, you don't need to worry about this. If pages have no IV, they will not be displayed. If this results in an empty block, it will not be displayed."

Of course, image link have no IV and will be not displayed.

It means that this image will be lost

But this is essential part of content

This image (
• have resolusion 450*300px (same as cover and images in slideshow)
• not duplicated in the article, neither in cover or slideshow

To admin: if you going to decline that issue, leave a meaningful comment
Vyacheslav B.
1) Duplicate

2) I would not call an essential content a link to a photo on a page about photos made, with 24 photos already present and rendered. It serves some mysterious technical purpose for the site.

Usually images in this section have 100px resolution with this being the only exeception

It makes more sense to process this section as <related>.
Not only because its in so named section, but because it contains actually related to the article topic articles.
Here some examples
Declined by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 20, 2019