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Template #3 Issue #1
Jun 10, 2017
On site it is cover image
Cover image is an image above the article title and everything. It's typically related artwork or something similar. This is an image related to the news item.
Besides, it's completely optional.
It's my choice to keep it close to the article body, as it is in the source.
Declined by admin
It's no cover image. Thus the cover is optional
Template #3 Issue #2
Jun 18, 2017
Author place in bottom page, u parsed him, but forgot removed. It is rudement
It's still part of the article. I prefer to keep it in the article body. I wouldn't remove body content just because I adopted part of it to author block.
Declined by admin
It is acceptable to keep the author name at the end of the article.
Template #4 Issue #1
Jun 19, 2017
IV must be generated for this page with static content
Yuriy 🐼 Panarin
If page ha e only slideshow in it not requred
Declined by admin
We've seen no templates that handled this page well.
Template #4 Issue #2
Jun 19, 2017
optional but I wouldn't allows this many links popping on my face saying "yeh bhi peeden"(hindi)
I handle this case better
Yuriy 🐼 Panarin
Related optional
Declined by admin
Template #4 Issue #3
Jun 19, 2017
In reference to
Why did you submit an issue if the same happens with your template?
Yuriy 🐼 Panarin
I forget resubmit)
Declined by admin
Template #3 Issue #3
Jul 21, 2017
The template does not handle this page well.
Accepted by admin
Dear Telegram admins,
It's not really my fault. The website changed their page structure recently.
Previously it didn't have those tags and social stuff on top. I have two cached copies in my editor
Someone (me, my competitors, or the people who checked for issues) would have obviously noticed this issue, if it had really existed back then.

Please take a look at the cached copy in my editor

They don't have this issue. But when I load a fresh IV,, it's broken.

We can't do anything about it breaking after the competition has ended.
However, I'm willing to fix it and provide support for my templates as long as I can, even after the competition is over.
Declined by admin
Dear @ARX8x, yes, you are correct. It appears that the layout of these pages has changed since the end of the contest. (See

We apologize for the mistake. The template is restored to the competition, kindly correct this after the winners are announced.
Template #5 Issue #1
Oct 12, 2017
Declined by admin