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Issue #1

I think generating such pages is violation of rules "Its possible to convert unsupported videos to links but if there’s no other content on the page, it must not generate an IV."

There is two unsupported videos converted to links and lead paragraph. I know that question "how much paragraphs is enough content 3? 4? 10?" is subjective but i think its obvious that single lead paragraph is not enough content for /videos/ section. Users obviously will share such pages for videos, so when someone's friend open this in IV he'll be forced to open videos in browser... I think this is bad UX.

Moreover /videos/ section contain MANY such pages:
Deleted Account
I think that rule is for video-only pages, for which IV indeed is not useful, since it'd literally show only the link.

But here we have a preview, a description, usually a couple of related articles or another video.

Opening an article in IV is more convenient than loading a page in the browser. IV for such pages can be handy to get the idea of what the videos are about and to decide whether one wants to watch them right now.

Since we converting videos to links (because there are in the majority of articles indeed), I don't think we should take this convenience from the user, even if it's a small convenience.
Accepted by admin
Since the unsupported video is the main (and almost single) content of the article, replacing it by link isn't acceptable
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 31, 2019 at 5:26 PM