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Issue #2

Again, pics should not be used for full-size photos.
If you do so photos can't be zoomed in and are missing from lightbox/article photo list on clients.
Please tell me in which paragraph in the checklist says what you write? We create a template based on the rules, not personal wishes. And in the rules I see only:
Quotes must be formatted to match their appearance in the source article, provided it is possible to identify them (and their type) in a reliable way. …"

On the original page, the photos are nested in <blockquote> . You cannot just get them and insert them after or before the <blockquote>. This photos are part of the quote. There can be text between them. What then?

In the embeded posts of instagram, facebook, vk, etc. there are also photos. Are you also trying to get them out of there and insert under the post?
Accepted by admin
As Misho said <pic> can't be viewed as images in clients. They can't be shared, zoomed or saved.

<pic> must be used for icons and small images in certain cases.

For regular images formatting as <pic> isn't acceptable.

In this case the images must be detached from blockquote.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Apr 8, 2019