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Link Preview

Issue #1

3.2. Link preview
Thumbnail for link preview must be shown if a suitable image or document exists in the source.

If image_url from meta tag is just a general site logo, a more relevant one should be set from article.

Please see:
Deleted Account
Only possible solution to satisfy admin's demand in your example is do something like image_url: $body//img/@src after body assgn. But this is not a solution because you don't really know what image would be chosen. It could be some company logo or author picture or something entirly different. On the other hand we have site logo in image_url which actualy is suitable and nice "put tutle into image_url" mechanic.
So, here is the question - should we use arbitrary image url?
Accepted by admin
It really does not make sense to display the site's logo in a link preview for every article on a website, even for article links where they don't even have any photo. As well as seeing the site logo for article links that do have actual photos.

Try checking your template's links inside the Telegram app. Seeing the site logo for every link looks quite bad.
Deleted Account
Does it mean that setting image_url to the first image within body is acceptable?
Accepted by admin
It's better to set an image_url to a photo in actual article body than to set generic site logo as image_url.

This domain seems to often set site logo as og:image, even for articles without photos in body. Such articles really do not need site logo as a link preview image, especially since IV template cannot set a thumbnail image but can only set a fullsized image preview.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 2, 2019