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Issue #2

Author name is missing.
This is one of the rare cases when there's a real author. Usually that's the blogs name, like:
- "Tax and finance"
- "rural tourism"
- "Handball"
- "Tender smart aleck"
etc, so I found it better to not present it as an author.
Accepted by admin
It really shouldn't be set. Admins commented at other templates, and checklist also kind of says that if we can't get actual persons name, author shouldn't be set. There's the name of the blog, with class "description", it's 90% of a time a section / category: look at the links in my reply. Also look at the other blogs under Blogger bio, there's two more: "Kisalföldi gurítók" means "Throwers from Kisalföld", "Lelki útravaló gyerekeknek" means "Spiritual provender for kids". This is a special own blog of Kovács András, so it's name is just his name, but since we can't tell it, we shouldn't set that element as the author's name. This is the only blog like that.
I've known that if I set it, I'll get an issue saying I've set category as an author, and it would have been probably accepted. But I got an issue anyway because there's this exception blog.

Two more blogs with exact author, please see:
It's just not reliably identifiable, so we shouldn't set it.
Declined by admin
Please take our deepest apologies.

After re-checking the issue we noticed that the presented author names are not names of real authors but mostly category or blog names:

It can be checked via google translate:

The checklist says: "It is possible to omit the name when there‘s no identifiable person, only the website’s ‘team’, ‘editors’, etc." and in this case from all the possible "authors" there is only one which uses his real name. We declare this as a one-off and will put this template back to where it was, before this issue was accepted.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 4, 2019 at 3:20 PM