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Issue #2

In addition to

I understand that "Popular widgets" section of Checklist can bring some confusions, but here is admin's position about similar case:

Actual problem here is that we have IV generated without essential content. Some actions need to be taken to not generate IV for this page.
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That's not how it works. I tried on my own site: putting the posts URL in an iframe won’t give you an embed, just a corrupted iframe.

Open the post in a new tab, click share, embed, and select the code - that's what you have to put on your site, and that's what we have here too. If Telegram will add support, it'll work out of the box - and your template won't.

I recommend you to check the after block: currently available embeds work exactly the same. They even have
@unsupported: $body//div[has-class("reddit-card")]
@unsupported: $body//div[has-class("reddit-embed")]
there until support isn't ready, it just misses it since apparently reddit has changed to using blockquote since then.
But it's not our issue, and we can't deal with it. If we unsupport by ourselves or put it in iframe it won't work, we must leave as is. To prevent IV generation now but work out of the box when it'll be supported, the unsupported lines have to be fixed in the after block by Tele
Declined by admin
However it's unacceptable to generate IV for pages with Reddit embeds, since currently they are unsupported.

IV must not be generated. Due to "embed" error or @unsupported condition - doesn't matter.

Declined because it's duplicated issue.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 26, 2019 at 4:10 AM