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Issue #2

This footer should be removed, formatting link inside text is just enough.
"Formatting link inside text is just enough" - please elaborate.

Also, these are footnotes for the link tooltips. This is most visually pleasing way and also not intrusive I could only found. I read rules and checklist plenty times and this is the result. I did not find the better way to handle these. I added anchors to links and put explanation as the footnotes. If you know more about handling these, please inform me I really want to do this the best possible way.

When I added these underneath the article like normal text, it made false representation like it was part of the article, which is wrong (remember that not all articles end up with video, like this one).
Accepted by admin
The template author is right: references should be preserved. But best possible way to format them is using <reference>. See here:
I am aware of <reference> tag, but there are no samples anywhere for them. Manual is very vague about it as well. Where can I learn about it? I'd really like to see a working example. Is this possible?
Accepted by admin
<reference> works the same the same way as <anchor> does, except you have to put the reference content inside of it.

Live example: open Instant View of this link in Telegram clients, then tap "семья Арашуковых." to see <reference> in action:

I would also recommend to put references inside of <details>, however, visual format is not strict for now.

Manual will be updated.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Feb 16, 2019