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Issue #2

The core feature of this page is this navigation. User supposed to find all materials related to this dossier. It's like list of articles. Page requires significant interaction.
Grigory Korepanov
Are you serious about this, chuchu?
I like the way you're trying to manipulate members and admins.
I think this is your last attempt to grab on to this site

I believe that this is one of the parts of the site that tells small portions of information. It's like "interesting fact"

I'd like to add that there's a date and a title
Accepted by admin
Chuchu has a point. Let's see this most recent example:
This is a page about voting. The text in the end says "Retrouvez dans ce dossier les articles, les vidéos explicatives, puis, le 19 mai, les résultats en direct du scrutin." that can be translated as "See the articles, the explanatory videos and the live results of the voting in this dossier". That means the page is a hub, where all materials related to the voting are collected. It will be updated when the relevant materials appear. So the page actually has no sense without all its tabs. Since all tabs and comfortable navigation can't be supported by IV, the page must not generate IV.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Feb 27, 2019