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Issue #1

This needs an IV page as it is an article like others ...
Agree. My template should convert this page.
It looks like an Telegram's XPath parser bug.

This is because of html in @data-sub-html on gallery item elements. When attribute is wrapped via single quotation mark and contains ' (single quotation mark) in value - parser is closing tag and all following markup is going crazy.

On this page, for example, gallery have 4 <li> elements but after parsing by Telegram's parser there are only 3 of them and one of them is moved in parent <div> (check #lightGallery/li).

So my rules like //article//div[@itemprop="articleBody"] are not working (but working via Chrome's XPath or other parsers).
//article is returning not complete DOM-element.
But //div[@itemprop="articleBody"] is working because this element was moved by parser to outer <div> and have different full path.

So it is kinda not my fault. Rules I wrote are right.
I can change //article//div[@itemprop="articleBody"] to //div[@itemprop="articleBody"] or something but I think it is not accurate and will be j
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It was our bug, right. Fixed.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Jun 3, 2017