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Issue #2

> how we can clearly identify that they are a part of this author's signature?
We don't need to identify it's a part of a signature. They are social network page (not individual post) widgets! If they are used, they are used to promote social network pages, not to display some individual content item. Thereafter, they can't be used as essential content of the article (at least in adequate ways).

In particular, Facebook page widget's (this one: purpose is to promote somebody's or something's page. In the same manner, snapwidget (this one: promotes some user's photofeed indiscriminately.

> Signatures are still here.
We don't have to remove signatures (I removed them only because they have exactly the same text on many, many pages). But we must remove social network widgets. So, I won't send you an issue that you didn't remove a signature—I'm a sane person and understand it's not possible :-)
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Apr 14, 2019