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Issue #1

Make no sense to show it as slideshow here.
Giovanni M.
Well, this case is rather borderline and requires some explanation.

Usually this type of page has the following layout:

1) A slideshow description (the first highlighted box)
2) A slideshow
3) An optional body (the second highlighted box)

Checklist 6.2.3 requires us to not use slideshows if the article consists entirely of a slideshow (and its caption/description) and there's no other content.

In this case the body consists of a very small paragraph "(Foto’s Marc Ploum)" so my template renders the gallery as slideshow.

I want to point out that my template works well when:

*) there's no body:
*) there's plenty of text in the body:

I think this issue should be declined because there is no rule that indicates how many characters the body must be to trigger the rule exception on slideshows. You can count how many characters are needed in this specific case, but it may not work well in others. (see Sam's template here for example:
Declined by admin
This is acceptable here.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Mar 29, 2019