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Issue #2

Admin, I don't understand why this issue was declined:
There are clear instructions on 6.4.2, embed with no source accessible should be mark with @unsupported function. So this page should not generate IV (we can scroll it)
!! !!
No offence, I think you should read checklist again:

6.4.2 Video/Audio from unsupported players (Our case? Even if so...)

IF the unsupported widget has an iFrame version, make it into an <iframe>. If you do that, the IV page will not be generated due to unsupported content, but things will work out of the box if and when we support that widget. [TRUE]

ELSE IF it is not possible to represent the widget as an iFrame, but it is possible to get a direct link to the video/audio, use this link to generate a <video> or <audio> with the correct src attribute.

ELSE, mark the object with the @unsupported function.
Declined by admin
"No Instant View available" You can scroll the view, but IV won't be generated
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 18, 2019