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Issue #4

Missing space [my response to]:

Where do you see a bug? In this case you should just put " " insteand of <br>. There's no such a word "новымметодикам" and it should be a space splitting it.
A screenshot from my browser:

Also, this page looks ok in my template.
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Yeah, sorry. I was in a bit of hurry.
In Chrome you can see   in the header, and I missed the fact, that it was <br> causing the issue.

It's not a bug in the UI, but:

The docs say thas subtitle is RichText, and that RichText does support LineBreak in it. So there is a bug here somewhere.

I recognize the value of working around a platform's issue, if the issue is persistent and isn't likely to be fixed. But this case is rather odd; the engine behaves contrary to the documented format.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 12, 2019