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Issue #3

<p class="glavacitat"> -> translation of "glavacitat" is "headquote" -> "head" + "quote".

Tell me ... if it was labeled as <p class="pullquote">, would you have labeled it as <pullquote > or <table>, like you do?

Of course, you'd label it as <pullquote> (<aside>, actually ... it is aside in true meaning of that word in the main article). Well ... "glavacitat" means just that.

"Wth is citat lol ? not even an English word."
Are you kidding, dude? The whole page isn't in English...
Dude stop spamming the same issue I gave you my reply..
Declined by admin
Duplicate issue.

Although yes, it's a pullquote / <aside>.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 21, 2019