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Issue #5

Selected paragraphs are divided from the rest of the text in the original article (IV editor breaks that). Open the page in a desktop or mobile browser. This should be taken care of in creating the IV.

Screenshot of the webpage:
not identifiable you know it is random. I 've tried to support it but many pages fail to look good the main class okvir wich stands for frame does not exist in the no script.
it is not a reliable way. you can use (endswith(okivr)) but you have to write like 10 cases?
1. if image comes after last paraghrapgh
2. if title comes after last paraghraph
sometimes frames comes like at 4 random places seperated by images.
and there are soo many cases.
why didn't you make it in tables? as it is a frame?
because you can not it is randomly ordered.and not identifiable.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 21, 2019