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Issue #2

Another questionable issue, but in case you'll resubmit template please preserver headers formatting.

The header contain <strong> but missing in IV.

If you don't know how to preserve that, here is a tip:
First way:
@wrap_inner(<a>): //*[self::h1 or self::h2 or self::h3 or self::h4 or self::h5 or self::h6]

second way:
@wrap_inner(<a>): $body//*[starts-with(name(), "h")][string-length(name())=2]
Sergey Pomogaylenko
For what reason even if I'll resubmit template?
We have no aim to repeat all layout of original site. We transform original layout to IV. If they use combo <h3><strong> for headers in text it does not mean that we must repeat this pair of tags in the IV just because. We must save meaning of original elements. In this case they are headers of the parts of the text. It seems to me that it much better when resulting layout of pages on various domains looks in IV the same.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 16, 2019