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Issue #1

site name is wrong according to new checklist site name must be "nautilus" not "Abstractions on Nautilus"
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Well, even the logo for this subdomain is more like "NAUTILUS | QUANTA ABSTRACTIONS". But then again, it's a logo, not name. If Arbiters are going to follow this silly "what you see on the logo" interpretation of "the name that users see on the main page of the website", so be it. But for sanity's sake I'm going to remind that the logo doesn't always represent the name.

"Abstractions on Nautilus" is equally visible to the user:
and actually *is a name written in text* in contrast to a graphical logo.

Here's the deal. This subdomain publishes content from Abstractions blog of Quanta Magazine. It's not just Nautilus, nor it Quanta or even Quanta Abstraction. Hence the name.

Now, the logo here is a combination of two: Nautilus and Quanta Abstractions. But logos do not compose the same way as words do. So trying to turn it into an intelligible name would be silly, when we already have a name in the source.
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Apr 5, 2019