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Issue #1

OFFTOPIC: sorry, admin, have no other way of contacting you.

So, my question is: highlighted element is a video on the original page (unsupported by IV engine).

The template author took a video preview, turn it into image and added "Watch video" to the caption.

In my opinion it's inappropriate, but please give some answer that I can refer to.

P.S. About caption: if it's allowed, shouldn't we have a consistent format for it?
Some use "Watch vide: blah", others "blah (watch the video)".
I personally don't see this as an issue in displaying such videos this way for, because:

1. They usually just duplicate the information available in the text
2. They are hosted on domain, so it's not some popular external player that is likely to be supported by Telegram
3. It's same image displayed on the original page before you click on the video
4. Link opens the player itself, not the full page with the video
5. NBC is a TV channel, so they include these videos in many articles. If it'd be represented as a simple <iframe>, many articles would fail to generate.
Declined by admin
It's acceptable to generate links for unsupported videos
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 15, 2019 at 5:20 PM