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Issue #4

Slideshow is missing.
If you click on any of the thumbnails - slideshow will pop up.
Text before images is not description of the gallery - it is the complete short news article itself and it won't lose any meaning without images.

Note - the third paragraph is about future events, not about the one on the pictures.

Same thing here:

And here:

An you can find many others here:
In general we cannot determine whether the text is just a description of the gallery or full article itself. Especially when it contains multiple paragraphs.

P.S. this is just an adding to
(Just duplicate the rule here: "EXCEPTION! Slideshows must not be used: When the article uses images/videos/GIFs with captions as the main medium (e.g.: travel blogs that show many photos with captions, step-by-step crafting guides, cooking recipes, etc.).")

Yes, but it most cases the number of paragraphs is small (if you start checking articles from
Moreover, this type of gallery is always placed at the end - itn't it easier for user to just scroll page vertically instead of doing left-right swipes? I think the rule above is exactly about improving UX in this regard.
Accepted by admin
This source page isn't a gallery only page. It's not part of the slideshow exception.

The photos here should be in a slideshow.
But almost all articles from this section are (obviously) about photos. Maybe like 5% of them are focused on the text content, but it is not possible to detect.
Please make your rules more clear then (I fully understand the rules and I didn't add here a slideshow deliberately).
Accepted by admin
The safest way would probably be to display the photos as a slideshow if there is paragraph text, and to not display as slideshow if there is paragraph text.

There are pages from that category that do not have paragraph text at all. So those would be safe to not display slideshows on.
Accepted by admin
Sorry, missed a word. To clarify:

If paragraph text, use slideshow

If no paragraph text, don't use slideshow

This would follow the checklist.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 17, 2019