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Issue #1

Dynamic lists of "Latest articles from this category” have to be removed, not formatted as related. Article is from 2018 and here're articles from 2019
First of all these are static enough they are not dynamically-changing every time you refresh the page.

Second you picked a page out of context. All the pages I've checked didn't have such related block "Latest from a category" Most of the pages have related articles to the current or at least close to related.


Since they are not identifiable whether if they are "Latest from a category" or related articles Its better to leave it this way. Because otherwise I'll remove a real related articles and that's an issue.
Accepted by admin
"Latest Politics Stories" already implies latest articles of a specific category.

It's not a one-off case either:
2018 article with "related" links from 2019.

Another example:
2019 article where the links are newer than article.
This section is just a list of actual category pages.

Note that IVs are cached. Eventually IV cache will stop updating. If the "related" links keep changing, IV will end up showing outdated info.

The <related> blocks are not meant for dynamic category type links. They're meant for links actually related to the article itself.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Apr 19, 2019