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Issue #2

1. Wrong date. Read: published on 4 year before. 2019 - 4 = 2015 , But in your template - 2017.
2. Date should not be presented for similar pages, because it always will be in dynamic format.
3. Source code hasn't exact publication date
You say it's 2015, so it is invalid issue due to ancient lore rule.

My explanation below.

The checklist says that date "must be obtained by any means possible, including meta tags, etc."
So when there is no //meta[@property="article:published_time"] I get it from amp version of the page:
And it is inconsistent to what we see in normal versions for pages before 2017 - they always show 2017 - probably the time they started using amp versions.
There only are few pages with that problem.

ADDITIONALLY: we cannot be sure about that what we see here ("4 lata temu" - "4 years ago"). For example, that article:
shows relative date "rok temu" (1 year ago) but //meta says 2010 and in the text they mention 2010, so it is right, but we see "1 year ago" which is wrong.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
May 1, 2019