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Issue #1

Interactive page
arseny m
Look. We've already found lots of interactive pages. The problem is that they have NOTHING in common. The only way to prevent them from loading is to check the request path. Is it a reliable and failsafe method? Hell no.

1. We can't detect whether there are more pages with interactive content. The only way to find them is to look through the site manually, which is definitely not a great method. They have nothing special except these unique elements.
2. There will be more. As you already understand, they don't have a special format for such pages. Each quiz, each map, each diagram is unique. @id="navalny-map"?! They are writing code from scratch and don't mark it anyhow. Nothing like @class="interactive".

TL;DR: it's pointless to disable every single interactive page because you won't disable them all anyway.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Apr 21, 2019