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Issue #10

Since you are clearly deceiving and misleading in your replies for the issues, I allowed myself to sum it up here, in case someone would fall into them:
There is an embed there and no, just because it's not working now, it's none of our business. Doesn't work now, might in the future, they are using it very often.
They were using those for years, if they introduce something new, your template would stop working as expected anyway.
If you'd spend just a little time investigating the issue, you would know that they are constantly doing this and IV does not see margins from CSS, so YOU are the one who needs to fix it, clear as the sky to me and all other part
Anton S.
I'm not misleading anyone:
Issue 3: Provide a working example! "Using it again and again" and there are no other pages with a working example? Maybe there is a way to transform it into a regular image, but we need a working example... I'll mark it as unsupported if my template is rejected, but this is not a valid issue without a working example!

Issue 7: You can't replace every possible image they have o will use with an emoji, that's not a solution! The only long term solution here is making IV support SVG that is a common image format that every modern browser is supporting.

Issue 9: I think you are misleading here, they are small for a reason. It's author chose and intent to make them small, who are you to alter this?
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IV not generated for target page
Apr 24, 2019 at 1:42 AM