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Issue #1

This URL and others like this needs IV.
Without this subdomain, template can't be complete.

This isn't a separate website, on this subdomain they publish articles from the printed version.
I know, that's my native language and I read pcpress every day.
All are supported and if a layout different you can easily set up it for the subdomain and all will work properly, as you can see on my template.

They publish some new content from every new printed version, every month. Here is an archive list:
Last number: PC #263 - Mart 2019

All content is important and partially working template can't be better than full working.

If there is no publication date, this does not mean that important articles should be omitted.

Sorry, but I will report this until @admins make decision. Why not...
I think that this is important and IV should be generated, of course.

Have a nice time.
1. subdomain
2. totally different layout
3. no date - this one is pretty important, think about it, you read some pc news in IV, and later you find it's an article from 1998, that would be really bad experience. I know you read it every day, you already repeated it for about 4 times :) But I don't read it, I won't know what the hell it is wrong with this article without any date (Even include those PC#263 won't be helpful at all). News/Articles without date are corrupted IV, that's why the checklist writes:

> It must be obtained by any means possible, including meta tags, etc.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Mar 18, 2019