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Issue #1

remove article info from the body
Accepted by admin
Sofaking's template handles it better:
This is not just an appeal to this issue but to the wrong actions of an admin on this domain itself
First of all, this issue wasn't valid to begin with, since author name is obligatory only if a real person's name is used(here, it's the car maker). Also, this isn't the author, but the seller.

But when I pointed out that on pages that actually have an author name, he was using seller name as author name, suddenly, the issue is invalid and that issue got declined (


Check this image -
Do you see them problem? First slideshow is missing from all the pages that have such a slideshow in his template. Also, the remaining slideshows are all grouped together and use the wrong images.

But the admin didn't even examine these issues properly and dismissed them saying "Agree with creator."

Why the double -standards? His issues
Accepted by admin
Thank you for the appeal. We have reverted the decision on

As for this issue — the photo with the text "Joe Macari" should have definitely not been included.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Jun 6, 2017