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Issue #1

Missing images removed.

We can not guarantee that img did not contain images before. It's not a good way, I think.
This <img> tag has @src="". Leaving this kind of img leads to not generating IV (like your template does)

According to my scraping, there are ~1.9k of the ~21k pages which have an img tag in the heading div (class "bblue") with an empty @src. It's ~ 10% of all pages. (Here and throughout I'm talking about the main and /planodeportivo sections at least.)

I guess, this site has problems in their CMS with HTML layout.
I mean, if the author didn't set the cover image for the article, in the results it will be published with <img src="">. Also, this kind of pages "has icono_logo_pi.jpg" as og:img.
(!!!) Of cause, it just my assumption, I cannot assert it for sure, but those figures...

I decided to remove this kind of img tags to support the creation of IV for more pages.

In addition, I would like to think the removal of these things is purely optional. When I sent you this question before (the opposite case, about deleting these images), it was just a recommendation IMHO.
Declined by admin
Not critical: the image is broken and isn't visible in the original article. The template removes <img> without src or with empty src.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 17, 2019