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Issue #1

Slideshows must not be used when the article consists entirely of a slideshow and there's no other content.
Accepted by admin
EXCEPTION! Slideshows must not be used:

When the article consists entirely of a slideshow (and its caption/description) and there's no other content.
First of all, this is deprecated section. You can follow and see that the last gallery is published 5 years ago and have only 7 galleries. As seen from other issues in rare occurrences the issues may be rejected and this is rare as the galleries are 7 of thousands of pages in the site.
Secondly, it doesn't create any problems on reading or perceiving the content but let's the reader know whats waiting him after bunch of photos. For example, when opening the link we don't know if there is an article under photos and we swipe down until photos end to check if it is not slideshow. This sometimes may take some time. This is not the best experience the reader deserves to have.
In my opinion, with this issue the company or responsible department is abusing the trust of the users and developers by carping at trivialities and wants to save in cost of its reputation and showing that other people's hours of work means nothing for them.
Declined by admin
Our checklist insists that slideshows shouldn’t be used when the article consists entirely of a slideshow. I’m afraid we might have confused you with the verdict to, sorry for this.

You are right to note that this page was published in 2012. It appears that the website isn’t using this layout for the recent pages and the main scope of the contest is to cover future and currently relevant articles, so this issue will be declined and your template will be returned to the contest. Thanks for bringing attention to this case and please accept our apologies for the confusion and bad feelings it caused.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Jul 14, 2017