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Issue #1

Hey Serhii, well, congrats, I think you won it after all this time. Sorry I was harsh, but I just felt that you are wasting the time with those last minute issues and also it was a bit disrespectful for all the time we put into it.

After all I think you deserve the win, congrats.

I don't think it's a valid issue, just a minor cosmetic thing and it's not the point of me sending you the issue - however this doesn't look good as pullquote, I'd recommend to use <details> for it and perhaps leave it as opened, especially that we already use pullquotes for something different.
Thank you. Sorry if my late issues were inconvenient for you.

This block contains key theses, it is very similar to the pullquotes ("a pull quote is a key phrase" [from Wikipedia]). Therefore, I think that in this case it is best to use this formatting.
Accepted by admin
<aside> isn't suitable way to format block with theses, since it was designed for pullquotes, that in general are single sentences.

<details> isn't suitable either: key theses must be first and obvious content in the article. They're not additional content, that can be hidden.
Accepted by admin
It's better to format this block as simple paragraphs and separate it from the main content with <hr>
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 26, 2019