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Issue #2

Anton S.
Correct, 'table inside a table' is explicitly marked as unsupported by 'after' script. There is no way to reliably identify this case without breaking any future or present legitimate 'table inside a table'.

Also, this is articles author error to have put a 'table inside a table'. This similar page has the correct 'tables':

The page you linked ( has this and is also exactly why you can't simply extract one table from another without proper identification. In that page, the first table is a 'table inside a table', but the second table is a regular single 'table', visually they are the same and there are no identifiers in the source to prevent misbehaviours.

To summarize: Because a single 'table' and 'table inside a table' are visually the same, 'table inside a table' is the article authors error, not a template issue.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Apr 16, 2019