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Issue #3

Some bullets left unconverted
Anton S.
I've already replied in that it is not manageable to check each and every image.

These images you have pointed are also on a separate line in the original. It's authors error. Other 8 bullet points are correctly formatted in the original and are correctly converted to <pic> in the template.

Original article authors formatting error, not a template issue.
Accepted by admin
If you're not able to format these bullets as <pic>, just identify by src and remove them. Current formatting isn't acceptable
Anton S.
Oh lord... so if they are using 50 different images for graphics and all of them may or may NOT be correctly formatted (using properly 'width' and 'height', identifiable with 1 line of code in the template) we need to identify them one by one with 'src'??? 50 lines of code to fix authors formatting error??? For images used once in a 2 years old article???
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 16, 2019