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Issue #2

site_name must be PurePC or PURE PC or Pure PC
Deleted Account
<meta property="og:site_name" content="">
Seems appropriate.
When there's no clear reason against, the value set by website editor should be preferred.
Accepted by admin
Valid issue.

See here for updated checklist on how site_name should be handled:

Meta info isn't a good way for setting site_name.
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Well, I already resubmitted my template for this. But really, after looking into it a bit more, this doesn't make sense.

Since when is the literal interpretation of arbitrary rules is more important than the source content?

The user doesn't see just "PurePC" on the logo. They see "PurePC - wiemy, co się kręci!".

But if you hover the logo you'll see ""
You'll also see "" in the footer, in their Facebook page, and in the *article text*.

Yeah, right there, at the end of the first paragraph and in the following header.

Obviously, the ".pl" TLD is a part of their identity.
Accepted by admin
Meta info often can be unreliable. It's not really a good case to argue for a name simply because it exists in the meta.

Regarding mouse over (img alt attributes), that's rarely a good reason to use such a name either, as alt attributes tend to be optionally supported, not required either way (people rarely see them).

Regarding the footer, the footer of the site also mentions PUREPC as well as PurePC.

Even if you want to consider social media, you left out the Twitter and Youtube channel, which are both PurePC, they do not include the .pl.

It's pretty clear that the logo is saying PURE PC for the site name. As for whether it should be PURE PC, PurePC, or PUREPC, that's optional.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 19, 2019 at 4:57 AM