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Issue #2

See this accepted issue: The same applies to your template.

Instant view in most cases works like this:
I am sending the link in the Telegram and the button is added to the post.
I touch this link and open the article.
I should see the article as close as possible to the source, but with a new design.
In this case, I can not see the cover, it is hidden.

"Open here" "Scroll it" "AND THEN" - What is it?
"The site can change" "In future" - When will change then come. We create templates now and admins check them now.
The site can change everything: classes, blocks, everything. That the whole template will stop working.

Cover hidden in IV editor, in ORIGINAL and desktop version.

I'm sure that acceptance is a mistake. And that candidate must be returned if other issues are not accepted.
Accepted by admin
This still seems like a legitimate issue, especially since the video that is actually overlapping the original article's cover isn't even in the generated IV itself.

So even in such a case, where the video is missing, the original cover would/should show.
Just open the link from this issue in the browser.
And then scroll down to load previous articles.

This is a small part that you will see

a cover almost always duplicates the first image

And only using regular expressions can we understand (without guarantee) that these are different images.

Maybe it would be better to ignore a cover if it is hidden behind the video?

The site has normal covers. The image is visible by direct link (no need to do different things to open it).
Often has a caption. Such covers template displays.

Video is missing because it does not apply to the article.
The image is missing because it is not visible.
Accepted by admin
The cover isn't hidden for a regular user when he scrolls the site. And he doesn't have to open each article to read it, they all are visible by scrolling and have covers.
Cover duplication isn't critical in this case, since images are duplicated in the source, not by the template.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 8, 2019