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Issue #1

Not a target page:

If you insist it is optional to generate IV's for such pages:
You're missing a space in a marked block.
Overall, IMHO, this page looks like it was untouched (all these numbers, not formatted navigation...)
1. From the check list, IV is required for this page (

2. According to the admin (from your example, IV is not required. Which is very strange, but it is not a reason to open the issue “IV generated for non-target page”

3. Missing space on the source page

In addition, my template removes rudimentary text that repeats on all pages of this type. And save links to the original image in high quality IMHO, I would not create an IV for this page, but there is a requirement in the control list to do this.
Accepted by admin
The page isn't suitable for the IV. See:
The check list clearly states that the page should have IV. We work by the rules, or at the whim of the administrator ???

6.5.3 Single-media pages
Support for pages that only contain a single media item (photo, GIF, video, etc.) is required if:

The pages are routinely accessible to users through the main navigation on the website and include other data like title, date, etc.
Such pages are the main medium for the domain in question (e.g.
If the single-media page contains unsupported media, it must not generate an IV. See 6.4.2 Unsupported Video and Audio content.

In all other cases, supporting single-media pages is optional.
Accepted by admin
It's not a single image page. It's a page with interactive magazine viewer.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
May 2, 2019