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Issue #1

This not subtitle. This a regular paragraph
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The element you marked has a different class name, "into", and also the main content (@class="customhtml newsitem-customhtml") is the next sibling of this element, I mean they're separated explicitly. As you also clearly see, it's a little bigger than the other paragraphs. They use this as the article subtitle. According to the meaning, it should also be subtitle, not lead, because it's not the part of the article. But even if it should be called "lead", using it as the subtitle is not a valid issue according to what the checklist/clarifications say.

1) 6.1.3 Subtitle:
Few publications actually use subtitles. Somewhat more common are short summary sentences that are also shown below the title (and are called standfirst by the British). These summary sentences are usually short and are not part of the article's text. It is advisable but not required to represent them as subtitle elements. "

2) 6.1.4 Lead paragraph
"Many publications use a slightly different style for their lead paragraphs. Unlike
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The subtitle is optional in this case.
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IV page is missing essential content
Feb 13, 2019