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Issue #1

mammoths credits extinction
march 2019, IV preview, in color
Ilya Borovik
oh, I was waiting for this one

these pictures appear as small 150x150px icons in the original text. we don't have to transform them into photos (they will blow up with low quality for the full-screen width in client apps)

we should use <pic> tag for them, but <pic> tag does not support captions.
we can add these captions as text after the <pic> but it may be misleading for users reading the article

I think we can omit credits for pics and icons because knowing who found and added an icon to the article is the least essential content in the article
Accepted by admin
You did a good job by converting them into <pic>. But credits could be preserved as a simple text under them.

Re: "knowing who found and added an icon"

These seem to be authors of these images, not just contributors. And credits are important part of the IV that can't be omitted
Ilya Borovik
Waiting for this decision for 12 days to get rejected :(
Anyway, thank you for the clarification! I think I still have a chance to get something from this domain.

One question: wrapping <pic> with credits into <blockquote> as chuchu did is not an issue I guess?
Although there is no blockquote in original source, it looks pretty cool!
Accepted by admin
In this case it's acceptable to format this content as Chuchu did.

Sorry for waiting.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 11, 2019