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Issue #5

I agree with

"Seattle is now in its snowiest February on record, and more is in the forecast." seems more like a subtitle for me. What rules say about subtitles:
"Few publications actually use subtitles. Somewhat more common are short summary sentences <...> It is **advisable** but not required to represent them as subtitle elements". Moreover, this text is actually describes the slideshow.

So, this page doesn't really have a regular text apart from slideshow description and thus slideshow is needless here.
he text could be set as a subtitle or not; that is up to the template creator. The manual also says "Generally, it is advisable to avoid setting too much text as the subtitle. If the website publishes summaries that take an entire paragraph or even multiple paragraphs, it's better to use italic/bold text instead of the subtitle element to represent this content in IV." I've chosen to append this text to the aricles in bold rather than as a subtitle because in some articles, the summaries are longer. I saw that the writer of that issue changed their template to add the text as a subtitle for this article only, but they kept it as a paragraph in other articles. I've chosen to keep it consistent, so in my template it is part of the article content.

Yes, you can argue that the text describes the slideshow, but you can also argue that it is additional information... Slideshow is about Monday's snow, and text discusses February as a whole and goes on to discuss the future forecast.
Declined by admin
That text does not need to be a subtitle. So this issue will be declined.

However, this source page needs to be displayed in IV without a slideshow. This is one of the slideshow exceptions.

The slideshow is 31 photos. The line of text is one line. Slideshow is not a good method to display all the photos and captions when this source page is essentially just a gallery page.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 17, 2019