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Issue #3

1. Slideshows must not be used when the article uses images/videos/GIFs with captions as the main medium ( 2. Site name should be "Shazoo" instead of "" 3. Related articles are missing (<section class="related">) 4. When there is a single related link (, it's better to not set a header, because it will be duplicated by generated link preview
Accepted by admin
1. Can you explain the problem with the gallery? The original page contains the content of the article, photos following each other are interconnected, when you click on a photo, a gallery opens with the possibility of turning the photos, image titles are missing, GIF and video too. If you do not see the image in the gallery, then this is a frequent problem with the iframe, you need to refresh it.

2. Well, this will be fixed, as I understand the name of the site can be indicated by text and do not necessarily use meta tags?

3. Unfortunately, related articles are available only from a desktop browser. In the iframe editor, the tag (<section class = "related">) is missing. This is due to the fact that your telegram server loads HTML using the mobile User-Agent and the site does not generate a tag (<section class = "related">).

4. Ok.
Accepted by admin
1. The rule is about displaying images one by one, when they are the main content of the article. Like this:
2. Yes, it's better to set site_name property manually
3. I got it. Thank you for explanation
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Author added their own content
Feb 14, 2019