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Issue #1

IV not generated for a static article.
Sergey Pomogaylenko
First of all (to admins), they do it again. I don't understand what for they submit template on 2nd place and wait 2 days before sending issue for the 1st in his last 20 minutes.

And about issue. I do it on purpose. I can show slideshow but we can not get image captions from it anyway on this domain (In this example captions are identical but more often not).

Opponent decided to show this pages with saving navigation-bar beneath pseudo-slideshow.
It is a very bad idea because:
a) we don't like specific external navigation-bars in IV, don't we?
b) imagine, just imagine what will be this bar looks like when there will be 50 images in slideshow?
I find only 13 images in slideshow in articles for the last 5 days (see example above) and I have not tried it more yet: didn't fan of meaningless searches.

So I suppose that best decision is not to show pages with slideshow on this do
Accepted by admin
Personally I don't think the Template #8 (by Eaxon) handles this page well, since it seems it's possible to obtain all important data (images + captions) with @inline function. I will check it, and if it's possible to display the full gallery in the one IV, the Template #8 (by Eaxon) will declined too.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 25, 2019