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Issue #2

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Sorry, what? What about your issue for this article? This is also a Live event from 2018, 3 month ago, that is for sure ended, because it also says "termina il match ...". At least be consistent in your thought process. Or we do not generate pages to any 'live' article or we generate them all.
Gabriele Guerrisi
The title of the article starts with "LIVE" and gets updated during the match, so I consider it as a live.

RELIVE and older alternatives of it are just posts with the complete ended match details and are no longer updated, so the IV should be present for them.

I just set up a regex on the title start for that. Btw no big deal, the admin will reject my template if I did wrong. Imho this solution allow to generate the IV for all the ended matches (now static pages) and avoid to handle lives in the IV templates.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Mar 1, 2019