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Issue #4

cit from "The site now handles lives in general with LIVE/RELIVE tags in the starting part of the articles title."
I think you don't know what you are talking about... There is no TAG in the title for live events, future or past. All titles are written manually by article authors.
As evidence this are articles from just the last month:
"RELIVE ..."
"ReLIVE ..."
"RE-LIVE ..."
So, the site doesn't handle ANY tag in the title for live events. And an article with "YOUTH LEAGUE LIVE" title can be written any time soon if an author decides to call it like that.
Gabriele Guerrisi
Sorry for the typo, not "tag", but "word". Yes I know what I am talking about.

The site uses that approach for 1-2y+, for me is considered secure. You can do a quick search on google with the filter In my template only when the article STARTS WITH (and not contains) the word LIVE the IV is not generated. any other title Re-Live RELIVE replay live etc is considered then static page with ended live.

I think you should stop now to open issues about the same thing. Admins will clarify that point to us when they will check the contest on that site.
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Author added their own content
Mar 1, 2019