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Issue #4

The page did not generate because there's no text in it?
Actually what you say as the subtitle is a lead paragraph.
Wait, here's a link for you:
Oh, here's another one:
Seems like something went wrong.
Deleted Account
subtitle is subtitle. sub, title. SUB. Title.
there is no content. this page isn't an "article-like" or "article" page. check the link below, it's a video page too like this one and has a little text at least. my template can handle this. because there is a content (text). check this video url with my template then see the magic:

in this case, it's acceptable.

I guess, you're .. anyway. yesterday, you've sent spam messages to me on Telegram with some "bad words". did you remember? all of them just for 100 dollars? I can revoke my template if you want that really. just don't annoy me. :) and you've created a issue for same thing already. don't create another issue to answer me.

so, please, leave me alone. just report the issue if there is an issue. then kindly be quiet.

oh, god..
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Agreed with creator.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Jun 11, 2017