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Issue #1

Missed audio.
It is possible to extract. When you create the tag <audio> in IV for some reason, an error NO_MEDIA_FOUND (although the URL is correct) 2F02-03-2019-nikita-shleiher-i-yuliya-timoshinina-zavoevali-serebro-na-etape-mirovoi-serii.

But you can add links to it.
Like in my template.
Ilya Borovik
The audio container is <a> with title="Аудио" and attr. @data-audio with .mp3 link.
@data-audio is empty on this and most of the pages.

For pages where it is present (e.g. we all easily get the .mp3 audio link.

I guess we can omit audio for this and other pages because:
1) Audio is always machine generated word-by-word repeating of the article text. It does not bring any new information to reader. (more on that here:
2) With empty @data-audio, the website loads the audio from two .wav files by article id. In my opinion, putting two links to the broken into pieces audio (as you do) is no better than simply showing the article text. It may be misleading to a user expecting these "Audio Part 1" & "Audio Part 2" be the sources of important information. But they are nothing more than the same article text.
Declined by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 26, 2019