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Issue #1

From the checklist.

"2. Remove
Dynamic lists of "Latest articles from this category”, “More articles by this author”, “Featured articles”, etc."

The article is dated March the 13th, while most of the articles in the list are of more recent dates.
The same thing is for all other article in this list - they are just "recent articles from the category".

The header of the block is the name of the category.

Also here (other category, but the same issue):
Pavel T.
Let me explain. All of "related articles" on every site based on tags / other topic marks, it's most popuar way to detect similarity as I know.
It's tag, yes, but it's VERY related and accurate. This article is about changes in garbage laws. This block named "garbage reform" and leads to articles on the same topic.
Second link you gave - same situation. Article's about development in Kislovodsk city, and related block named... "Development in Kislovodsk".

There're no common tags like "Development" or "Laws" or something else, only accurate and suitable links to really related articles. As I know from my previous issue, we don't care how static they are.
Accepted by admin
These are literally the latest articles from the category. Even order is the same:
Pavel T.
OK, but can you explain, what is acceptable related articles?
It's so strange, because no one site I've seen hasn't really static block. I hoped that this function allows us to format in-article links (it was impossible during the past contest). Many competitors have questions about this, especially because you removed from the Checklist the point "we don't care how static RA are" without any notifications.
These article are VERY related and I haven't see any reasons to remove them according to previous rules in Checklist.
But something changed now?
Accepted by admin
Only common thing between "Услуги по вывозу отходов многодетные семьи и инвалиды на Ставрополье будут оплачивать со скидками" and "В Пятигорске начинают разделять мусор на два вида" is a garbage. That's not VERY related.

Perhaps there may be controversy regarding what "related" is, but the Checklist has a clear idea of what it isn't:

Dynamic lists of "Latest articles from this category”, “More articles by this author”, “Featured articles”, etc.

These are latest articles from the category.
Even the original article doesn't present this links as related. Not by attributes, not by headers. Furthermore they are in block with class "cloud", that contains a tag link for dynamic list. So the conclusion may be the site just generates this block from this list.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Mar 31, 2019