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Issue #2

You swapped the title and subtitle. It is not right. As in this case, change the content and meaning of the heading. Please check with a google translate and make sure
Mykhailo Komendant
Look how this site sees a regular user:

The part of title 'Australien bestellt...' is larger, and text 'Für 30 Milliarden Euro' is placed above this title. Visually larger part is indetificable as a title, so i think this I correctly placed.

I found one previous issue:
This issue says that text under title ('Für 30 Milliarden Euro' in our case) should be a subtitle, how I did in my template

But there is also another issue that admin also accepted:
This issue says that using this heading is totally wrong, and that correct title should be 'Für 30 Milliarden Euro: Australien bestellt U-Boote aus Frankreich'

I dont know which one of this two issues is correct, cause admin accepted both of them without comment and I don't know what is correct way for IV - display article how user see it in a browser, or use title that have an <h1> tag
Accepted by admin
I believe in this case the best soultion is to use kicker property for "Für 30 Milliarden Euro" and title for "Australien bestellt französische U-Boote – ThyssenKrupp geht leer aus"
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Feb 11, 2019